Commercial-Broadway Hub Sells for Millions Over the Assessed Value – Is This a Glimpse of TransLink’s New Grandview?

2460 Commercial Drive (The Hub) With it's key location in our region's transit system, the area at the Commercial-Broadway station is destined to become even more active as our region continues to thrive. While TransLink has been upgrading the stations to handle the increased embrace of mass-transit, the new(ish) Evergreen Expansion, and the future Broadway... Continue Reading →

Millennium Line Town Hall Reveals Need for SkyTrain and West Side Fears that Transit to Nowhere Will Divide the Community like a Highway

With the hot summer weather, where else would Darren and I head on a beautiful Saturday than to a Town Hall meeting at the unairconditioned Pacific Spirit Church. This event was hosted by Vancouver Quadra's MP Joyce Murray, who was joined by Vancouver's Chief Engineer, UBC's Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning, as well... Continue Reading →

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