January 25th, 2022 Public Hearing – SkyTrain Focused Homes Forced To Undergo A Skyline Shave To Fit In

Public Hearing – January 25th, 2022If we hadn’t included it in a title years ago, this public hearing would have been a great setup for a “Grand Slam” pun. In fact, if it wasn’t for a significant amount of public support, city council would never have considered the policy updates that allow for Item #1.... Continue Reading →

January 18th, 2022 Public Hearing – Vancouver’s Ugly Duckling Looks To Get Jacked Up

Public Hearing – January 18th, 2022Anyone who grew up in a small town in the Canadian Prairies can vouch there’s not a lot to do, especially at this time of year. So it may sound hard to believe, but one of my loving wife’s favourite activities was heading to her hometown’s only 7-Eleven for Slurpees... Continue Reading →

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