Urban Design Panel Helps River District Rental Homes Find Vancouver’s Doorway To Approval

3350 Marine Way - DP-2020-00467 - EFL Parcel 14One thing the East Fraser Lands has taught Hannah and I is the need to be flexible, as even the best laid plans can’t stand up to the unexpected demands of the future. Thirty years ago, surface parking lots were the norm, and our region’s leader planned... Continue Reading →

River District Landmark Meets With A Flood Of Support At The Urban Design Panel

3338 Sawmill Crescent - DP-2019-00363 - (EFL parcel 13) (formerly 3310 Marine Way) Sometimes one can only appreciate life's little ironies after they happen. That was certainly demonstrated by this Urban Design Panel review of a fairly typical development in the East Fraser Lands. After all, 28 floors of rental housing may not reflect the average Vancouver... Continue Reading →

September 18th Public Hearing – Plans for a Filibuster – Gentle Housing Increases meet Well Organised Opposition – Can Vancouver’s West End Handle New York Style?

In the Fall of 2016, as the realization of just how bad the housing crisis was sunk into the minds of a city council in the middle of its term, a reset of the city's housing strategy was declared. Now almost two years later, consultations with stakeholder groups and members of the public have finally... Continue Reading →

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