April 12th, 2022 Public Hearing – A Conscious Uncoupling Leads The Next Generation Of Moderate Income Rental Homes Back To Their East Van Origins

Public Hearing – April 12th, 2022With only ten public hearings scheduled before the civic election, Hannah and I expect this will likely be one of the last calm events this term. The pandemic certainly consumed much of our city council's ambitions, yet they still managed to spend plenty of time debating simple things like Item... Continue Reading →

Rental Homes Spared A Rigid Wedgie As Urban Design Panel Seeks To Heal A Green Divide

495 W 41st AveI imagine there are some who will overlook this proposal as easily as they pass over the vacant lot it will occupy kitty corner to the Canada Line station at the Oakridge Centre. That’s certainly understandable, and not just because of the heat outside either. Yet, considering how prescriptive the Cambie Corridor... Continue Reading →

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