Urban Design Panel Rewards Faux Heritage Speculators With Efforts To Illuminate Their “Crumby Neighbour”

418-496 Alexander St (450 Alexander St)Like the Hon’s distribution centre this project will replace, I thought this Urban Design Panel meeting would deliver some good ol’ comfort for the soul. After all, at the other end of the block is the similarly-sized Roddan Lodge, and anyone who works in Railtown can tell you how badly... Continue Reading →

October 5th, 2021 Public Hearing – No Boos Expected For Vancouver’s Town Centre Rental Homes

Public Hearing – October 5th, 2021As comedy can help keep powerful institutions humble, I’ve joked that perhaps Vancouver’s new Auditor General should examine if public hearings are held primarily for the taxpayer funded catering. Hannah often notes even bad humour occasionally reflects some truth, and Item #1 demonstrates how enacting wider changes can be more... Continue Reading →

February 11th 2021 Public Hearing – Moderate Income Rental Homes Face Danger In Vancouver’s Quiet Place While A Landmark Rises From the Ashes

Public Hearing – February 11th, 2021Update 03/03/2021 – After several nights of hearing from public speakers on Item #3, city council will finally decide its fate on March 4th at a back up meeting set to start at 3pm. Items #1 and #2 have already been approved.It’s odd to write about a public hearing where several... Continue Reading →

Public Hearing – February 9th, 2021 – After Years In A Purple Haze, Union Homes Comin’ Up To City Council Likely Not Going Down

February 9, 2021 Public HearingAfter nearly a decade, one could be forgiven for wondering if this proposal would reach city council before the end of time, but let me assure you it really will be heard at tomorrow’s public hearing. I promise I won’t make any more Jimi Hendrix-related puns, as there are serious issues... Continue Reading →

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