June 28th, 2022 Public Hearing – Kitsilano Groundhogs Force Supportive Social Homes To A New Low

Public Hearing – June 28th, 2022There’s simply no way to describe how horrible this public hearing is going to be. With over 170 people signed up to speak on Item #3 as of Monday evening, a final decision on these passive house, non-market homes near the future Arbutus SkyTrain Station is likely weeks away. Yet... Continue Reading →

December 7th, 2021 Public Hearing – Faux Shadow Claus Challenges Newspaper Row’s Revival

Public Hearing – December 7th, 2021While Hannah and I put our tree up this weekend, it’s too soon for this night’s items to go under the tree, as they first must be wrapped up by city council. Like good little children, they’ll start with their chores, in this case Item #1, which is essentially a... Continue Reading →

October 5th, 2021 Public Hearing – No Boos Expected For Vancouver’s Town Centre Rental Homes

Public Hearing – October 5th, 2021As comedy can help keep powerful institutions humble, I’ve joked that perhaps Vancouver’s new Auditor General should examine if public hearings are held primarily for the taxpayer funded catering. Hannah often notes even bad humour occasionally reflects some truth, and Item #1 demonstrates how enacting wider changes can be more... Continue Reading →

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