April 14th,19th, & 21st 2022 Public Hearing – Will City Council Vote To Derail Broadway Subway Station?

Public Hearing – April 14th, 2022 (Edited: April 19th, 2022 - As councilors Fry, Swanson, Hardwick and Kirby-Yung refused to hear any more speakers, this meeting will resume once again on April 21th, 2022 with Speaker 62 of 73 on Item #4. As such, it is still possible to speak or comment on 1477 W... Continue Reading →

Urban Design Panel Support Raises Broadway’s South Granville SkyTrain Station Up To Purr-fection

1477 W BroadwayFrom the moment its development plans were found in a dumpster, the future South Granville SkyTrain station has polarized opinions. In fact, Councillors Bligh, Hardwick and Kirby-Yung, even voted against (pg 8) the Issues Report that let the average person speak their mind on this mix of market and moderate income rental homes,... Continue Reading →

Overwhelming Public Support and Political Hopefuls Seen at Millennium Expansion Draft Policies Event

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon than learning about Vancouver's plan to respond, implement, and guide the future Millennium Line expansion to Arubutus. Admittedly, there are plenty of better things to do, but Hannah and I still made our way down to the former Lulu Lemon Labs at Cambie and Broadway. While the project has been waiting for funding,... Continue Reading →

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