End The Madness – Urban Design Panel Supports Long Overdue Change To Vancouver’s West Side

3701-3743 West Broadway A lot has happened since this Urban Design Panel review, but I still remember my surprise when city staff revealed a petition against these homes had already received 1,250 signatures. As Hannah recently noted, that number has grown to over 2,000, partially spurred by a mistaken belief that this is a strata... Continue Reading →

Protests Over West Side “Prison” Leaves Vancouver Renters Singing The Blues

3701 - 3743 West Broadway It seems like whenever St. James Community Square hosts an open house, it is either packed with people, filled with angry voices, or often both. Still, Darren and I tried to keep an open mind, but before we left this event history had repeated itself, as over 220 individuals had... Continue Reading →

Conflicting Visions of Central Broadway – Affordable Rental Housing or a Precedent Setting Threat

2538 Birch Street (Formerly 1296 West Broadway) Adding Rental Housing to Central Broadway, home to Vancouver General Hospital and our province's second largest business centre, may not seem that controversial. The neighbourhood is well served by transit, and the Downtown core is easily reached, no matter how you travel. So, even before it was confirmed the Broadway... Continue Reading →

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