April 14th,19th, & 21st 2022 Public Hearing – Will City Council Vote To Derail Broadway Subway Station?

Public Hearing – April 14th, 2022 (Edited: April 19th, 2022 - As councilors Fry, Swanson, Hardwick and Kirby-Yung refused to hear any more speakers, this meeting will resume once again on April 21th, 2022 with Speaker 62 of 73 on Item #4. As such, it is still possible to speak or comment on 1477 W... Continue Reading →

Restoration Of Vancouver’s Colourful Village Roots Stokes Urban Design Panel Excitement

5 W 2nd AveIt seems unreal that when Hannah and I moved to Vancouver, the Olympic Village is where we took our car to get serviced. Decades earlier, another man immigrated to Canada with a goal to allow his family to eat rotis for a lifetime (pg 7). After years of working hard, 16 hour... Continue Reading →

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