2018 – 2022 Vancouver Council Voting Record

(Update – This record is now complete as there will be no further council meetings until after the civic election on October 15th, 2022. Hopefully you find this helpful in determining your vote)

With the civic election coming up in October, Hannah and I know what you’re all wondering, where the heck have the last four years of my life gone? Well, we can’t answer that question, but we thought you might be interested in seeing how many homes, daycare openings, hotel rooms, and work space your members of city council have voted to approve or reject since they were last on the ballot.

That said, to make things easier for you we’ve excluded some basic things, like their decisions on text amendments, simple town-home projects, and the numerous amendments they’ve proposed. It’s also hard to break down major proposals like St. Paul’s Hospital, or the Oakridge Transit Centre, which is why we’ve simply indicated whether they chose to support or reject them.

We hope you enjoy seeing which councilors align with your values, and for that matter if they had voted against the construction of your own home, or the place you work. Of course, if you want to tell them what you think of their decisions, we’ve included their contact information below, or you can contact them as group here.

To see how your chosen council member has voted simply click their name, and you’ll be taken to their record on this page or just scroll down to the individual you want.

Councillor Adriane Carr
Councillor Christine Boyle
Councillor Colleen Hardwick 
Councillor Jean Swanson
Mayor Kennedy Stewart
Councillor Lisa Dominato
Councillor Melissa De Genova
Councillor Michael Wiebe
Councillor Pete Fry
Councillor Rebecca Bligh
Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

All rezoning applications are decided at a meeting called a Public Hearing, and you can comment on any item by registering to speak in-person, on the phone at this page, or sending in your comments here.

Further information about other types of City Council meetings, can be found here.

Adriane Carr — CLRcarr@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7242

Christine Boyle — CLRboyle@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7242

Colleen Hardwick — CLRhardwick@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7240

Jean Swanson — CLRswanson@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7243

Kennedy Stewart — Kennedy.Stewart@vancouver.ca

Lisa Dominato — CLRdominato@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7248

Melissa De Genova — CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7244

Michael Wiebe — CLRwiebe@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7241

Pete Fry — CLRfry@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7246

Rebecca Bligh — CLRbligh@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7249

Sarah Kirby-Yung — CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca or (604)-873-7247


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