Moderate Income Rental Homes Prove To Be A Bargain West Point Grey Cannot Resist

4545 West 10th AvenueTo say I was excited when I saw renowned journalist Frances Bula tweet out a notice about an in-person pre-application meeting in West Point Grey would be an understatement. I was worried this event could be a heated affair in light of the backlash to the Jericho Lands, which includes a GoFundMe... Continue Reading →

Moderate Income Rental Homes Hope To Prove Good Things Arrive In Threes At East Van SkyTrain Station

2406-2484 Renfrew StreetAs I just passed a challenging part in Dragon Quest 11, I would have preferred a few more days away from City Duo, but an email from a long-term fan put an end to that aspiration. Frankly, there’s few things that Hannah and I find more exciting than a pre-application event notice, though... Continue Reading →

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