Moderate Income Rental Homes Prove To Be A Bargain West Point Grey Cannot Resist

4545 West 10th AvenueTo say I was excited when I saw renowned journalist Frances Bula tweet out a notice about an in-person pre-application meeting in West Point Grey would be an understatement. I was worried this event could be a heated affair in light of the backlash to the Jericho Lands, which includes a GoFundMe... Continue Reading →

A Chance To Make Amends – Will 78 New Rental Homes Heal A Broken Community

1405 East 15th Avenue & 3047 - 3071 Maddams Street At first glance this may seem like a terrible location to add new homes. After all, why would anyone want to live near the Clark-Knight diversion where traffic to the port is forced to bend around a wavey s-curve. It's no wonder that, nearly 50... Continue Reading →

Development Industry Insiders, Restrictive Policies, and Misinformation Kills 240 Rental Homes – Who on City Council had a Front Row Ticket?

8428 - 8438 Elliott Street and 2408 - 2528 SE Marine Drive Since Hannah and I started City Duo, we've had many unique experiences, yet we've never dealt with something like this before. Shortly after we published our MIRHPP guide, one of our fellow Vancouverites emailed us a 37 page document that provides details about a... Continue Reading →

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