A Neighbourhood Betrayed – Vancouver Fails To Respond To The Squamish Nation’s Generational Gift

Arbutus Greenway (planning update) - False Creek ODP Amendment - 1595 West 2nd Ave (1700 Fir St) As it was designed in the 1970s by many of the architects, city planners and politicians who call it home today, False Creek South is a rather unique community. From our experiences during its recent neighbourhood planning process,... Continue Reading →

Stamps Landing Redesign Consultation Marred by Suspected Counterfeit Reporter

South False Creek Seawall Improvements - Stamps Landing Neighbourhood Chats During the South False Creek Community Workshops, we heard several reoccurring themes, like the neighbourhood's ageing population needs more seniors housing, or that the community feels isolated from our Metro Core. A common transportation concern was that the seawall feels like a bicycle highway; if... Continue Reading →

False Creek South Responds to New Community Created Guidelines – Demand for Streetcar Continues to Grow

It's no secret that False Creek South was once the pinnacle of urban planning in Vancouver, and is still one of the most affordable places to live, when there are openings. This affordability is due to the majority of the land being owned by the city, which has resulted in co-ops, social housing, and long term leaseholds. However, those leases are nearing the end of their term.... Continue Reading →

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