Moderate Income Rental Homes Bloom From The Ruins Of Vancouver’s Laneway Disaster

3615 - 3645 Fraser StreetWith city council’s decision not to renew or replace the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy, Darren and I have watched the activity in our guide to that program wither away. A few active rezoning proposals linger, awaiting the judgment of our elected officials, but one has remained jarringly stuck at... Continue Reading →

A Final Battle – Vancouver Families Face Exile As Shaughnessy Fights To Preserve Community Values

4750 Granville Street and 1494 West 32nd Avenue Perhaps Darren and I would have skipped this open house if we knew it would be the last time we would be able to drop by the VanDusen Botanical Garden before it was closed due to physical distancing measures. After all, I would rather remember our visit... Continue Reading →

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