Innovative Kingsway Housing Experiment Could Trigger A Public Space Boom Across Vancouver

810 Kingsway The ability to work from home has been a mixed blessing for us. Obviously, I am grateful to have a job, I appreciate the extra time with Darren, and that I can wear pyjamas more often. Yet, I miss my colleagues, our home feels cramped, and online meetings drag on forever. Perhaps that... Continue Reading →

Conditioned For Failure – Vancouver’s Mistakes May Destroy Local Family’s Rental Housing Dream

512 West King Edward Avenue - DP-2019-00708 - Reema Royale One of the sad truths Hannah and I have learned is that it's almost impossible for anyone but a large company, or government body, to redevelop property in our city. Granted, smaller firms often have success, but local families, like the one who owns this... Continue Reading →

October 1st, 2019 Public Hearing – Will A Pie Sized Hole Trigger Another Federal Debate? Vancouverites Rejoyce Over The Potential Of New Co-Op Homes

October 1st, 2019 Public Hearing The last time a proposal for new rental homes on Fraser Street went before City Council, it resembled less of a Public Hearing, and more of a Federal Election debate. At that meeting, Don Davies and Tamara Taggart presented a vastly different view of the riding's future. That said, while... Continue Reading →

February 12th 2019 Public Hearing – Rental Housing in Kitsilano Draws Over 100 Public Comments – Is There Room for Renters in Vancouver or Does Multi-Family Mean 4 Storey Condos

February 12th, 2019 – Public Hearing To say it's rare for a rezoning application to receive over 100 comments is an understatement, for a large majority to be in favour is almost unheard of. However, that's exactly the reaction that has been generated by this meeting's first item, a 5 storey rental building in East Kitsilano.... Continue Reading →

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