Good Things Come In Threes From Arno Matis Architecutre – A New Plaza, a Hotel and More!

After a late night at an open house, I found Darren relaxing/ fighting sleep by searching through various architecture firm websites for new proposal coming to our city (he has a weird way of relaxing…). Still, it wasn’t a dream when he stumbled upon these three projects from Arno Matis Architecutre. See more details below.

This exciting proposal is a next-generation development that seeks to leverage upon its strategic location along the Broadway Transit Corridor and adjacent to the Vancouver General Hospital to offer a critically needed expansion of hotel/retail and commercial programming to the area.  The project intends to set a new benchmark in Canada with respect to hospital-oriented development. Currently under rezoning: exciting details coming soon!

Mixed-use, Entertainment & Public Amenity
AMA is thrilled to announce their partnership with Aquilini Development to design Rogers Arena’s north plaza, repurposing the soon-to-be demolished viaducts into an exciting campus of mixed-use and public amenity. This exciting vision is sure to transform this entertainment district. Design updates coming soon!

Transit-oriented Mixed-use
This project is located on an important site adjacent the Vancouver City Hall, on the southwest corner of 12th Ave and the Cambie Heritage Boulevard; Vancouver’s Civic Centre. Influenced by the forms and ideology of the Art Deco movement, this architectural language is prominently featured in many of Vancouver’s early Civic Buildings. Inspired by this period’s bold optimism and marked by the ‘futuristic’ art-deco City hall – this mixed-use project echos this enthusiasm and points to a future vibrating with energy. Project details coming soon!

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