January 25th, 2022 Public Hearing – SkyTrain Focused Homes Forced To Undergo A Skyline Shave To Fit In

Public Hearing – January 25th, 2022If we hadn’t included it in a title years ago, this public hearing would have been a great setup for a “Grand Slam” pun. In fact, if it wasn’t for a significant amount of public support, city council would never have considered the policy updates that allow for Item #1.... Continue Reading →

Balfour Monster Leaps Forward After Shedding 34 Homes With Parkside Diet

906-982 W 18th Ave and 907-969 W 19th Ave (Balfour Block) - (revised concept)With how poorly this project’s last Urban Design Panel review went, I imagine this applicant team was looking for every advantage they could find in preparation for its requested return. So the sight of Terra Breads' bagged sandwiches in this townhall room... Continue Reading →

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