June 17th, 2021 Public Hearing – Vancouver’s Crème de la Crème Sours On Moderate Income Rental Homes Greenway Approach

Public Hearing – June 17th, 2021 This public hearing’s agenda will let me recap one of my favourite open house experiences, and one that Hannah still rightly scolds me for attending, as I was literally bleeding internally. Even with the post surgical fog, I’ll never forget the shocked faces in the room, though not every... Continue Reading →

The Pinnacle Of Moderate Income Rental Homes Finds A Warm Welcome In The Arbutus Ridge

4683 Arbutus Street (Quilchena Gardens) It is very fortunate Canuck was just made a federally-protected bird, as it seems Darren and I will be forced to eat a bit of crow. Based on our past experiences in this area, we genuinely believed this would be one of the worst behaved consultation events ever held in Vancouver.... Continue Reading →

After a Decade of Consultation “Huge Improvements” Speed Arbutus Centre to the Finish Line

2133 Nanton Avenue & 4189 Yew Street (Arbutus Centre Block C & Block D) When it was first proposed in 1968, the Arbutus Centre was planned to become one of Western Canada's largest shopping malls. Instead, it drew widespread neighbourhood opposition. Eventually a scaled back version, which has become the community's centrepiece, was approved, and a leading... Continue Reading →

July 18th Public Hearing – Vancouver’s West Side Rages Against New Housing. In Arbutus, Some Label Future Neighbours As Squatters and Demand Compensation. Others in Marpole Fear Condos Will Cause Fires.

While yesterday's Public Hearing was a breath of civility, tonight's meeting is set to plunge Vancouver into a depth of depravity rarely seen in council chambers. Families across the city should be set to rejoice as council considers amendments to speed up the approval process of laneway homes, while also easing height restrictions to make... Continue Reading →

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