Public Hearing – December 2nd, 2020 – A Pleasant Hope Shines Through East Van’s Trees, While Rental Homes Look For A Safeway Through Vancouver’s Asphalt Transformation

Public Hearing – December 2nd, 2020Update 12/03/20 – The public hearing has recessed, and will resume on December 10th at 6pm. As such, one can still send in correspondence or sign up to speak on Items 6 & 7.Considering the difficulties we’ve all experienced this year, Hannah and I are grateful Vancouver’s second last public hearing... Continue Reading →

Vancouver’s Rejection Of Community Plaza Raises Questions Over Rental Housing Benefits

7280 Fraser StreetAs this rental building heads to a public hearing next week, I figured it was time to rip the Band-Aid off this painful memory, and write up a summary of its Urban Design Panel review. It took place earlier this year, shortly after my father’s passing, at this body’s first virtual meeting. Hannah... Continue Reading →

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