UDP Approves of New Vancouver Gateway Tower – Taller is Simply Better

601 Beach It may have only been three week ago, but this meeting of the Urban Design Panel seems a lot longer ago to me. That may be because 4 guest architects joined the usual panelists to form a so called “Super” meeting. Their mission was to review a building that hopes to become the... Continue Reading →

No to a Gateway, No to Paid Parking, and No to Affordability – A Thumb is Placed on the Scales of Community Consultation

601 Beach When Darren and I attended the pre-application event for Vancouver's newest gateway tower, we noted how the opposition was divided; there were competing factions who were happy to block the others' view, if it preserved their own. That changed by this open house, as these groups seem to have coalesced around a “throw everything and... Continue Reading →

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