Supreme Court Challenge Threatens To Break Dunsmuir’s New False Creek Connection

Dunsmuir Connection How did you spend your last Saturday in January, Dear Reader? Perhaps you took in the LunarFest, participated in Dine Out Vancouver, or enjoyed the Hot Chocolate Festival? Well, we did some of those too, but first we dropped by the Downtown Campus of the Vancouver Community College for what we expected to... Continue Reading →

Skilled Placement of Last Modular Housing Project Saves Chinatown & Strathcona Green Space – Funds for More Homes Run Dry as Winter Approaches

Union St at Gore Ave (898 Main St) On my way to this event by Oppenheimer Park, I made a point of stopping by to take another look at the location that will host these homes. The first thing I noticed was that more people seemed to have made this park their home, as it... Continue Reading →

July 10th Public Hearing – A “Concentration Camp” on the Waterfront, “Transient” Renters Bring Chaos to Cedar Cottage, 12 Homes are 10 “too many” for Arbutus – Is this a Despicable new low for Vancouver?

Yes, those comments in our title have actually been made by real people. While that is a horrifying thought, the proof is shown in their letters, which we link to the Plaza of Nations, Hull St, and West 35th Ave sections respectively. It is easy to imagine this could be one of the worst behaved... Continue Reading →

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