Transparent Community Services Unite Urban Design Panel In Support Of Transformative Relaxations

320 E Hastings St (DP-2020-00721) (First United Church)It may not be on the Heritage Register, but Darren and I felt a twang of sadness when we learned the First United Church’s unique look was set to undergo a transformation. Yet, with its leaks and asbestos, there is no denying it has outgrown its original inward... Continue Reading →

Urban Design Panel Urges Vancouver To Reconsider Decision To Leave 46 People In The Elements

128 East Cordova Street - DP-2019-00895 - Harbour Light Normally I'm the only person, other than the panellists, who sits through the entire agenda of an Urban Design Panel review. This time was different, as for 5 hours I sat next to individuals from Corrections Canada, the Salvation Army, and the rest of this applicant... Continue Reading →

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