City Duo’s Guide to the AHCIRP – Helping Vancouver make an Affordable Choice

This post will remain at the top of City Duo's Homepage. As this program has had slow uptake, updates may not be frequent. Last Update: 4 June, 2019 After I wrote our MIRHPPs guide (with Hannah's help), we wondered how hard would it be to gather a list of all the homes proposed under the... Continue Reading →

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UDP Recommends Resubmission of Monolithic Monstrosity- Innovation Takes a Step Too Far

2336-2366 Charles Street The unfortunate truth is that, all too often, discussions about change in Vancouver turn into toxic hyperbole. From opponents being dismissed as greedy landlords, to supporters described as paid shills, something is clearly broken in our civic consultation. It's disgusting to see waterfront towers described as concentration camps or mid-rises, like this... Continue Reading →

Development Industry Insiders, Restrictive Policies, and Misinformation Kills 240 Rental Homes – Who on City Council had a Front Row Ticket?

8428 - 8438 Elliott Street and 2408 - 2528 SE Marine Drive Since Hannah and I started City Duo, we've had many unique experiences, yet we've never dealt with something like this before. Shortly after we published our MIRHPP guide, one of our fellow Vancouverites emailed us a 37 page document that provides details about a... Continue Reading →

June 11th, 2019 Public Hearing – Local Business Owner Fights for East Van Renters as City Council Prepares to Reject 21 Rental Homes in Shaughnessy

June 11th, 2019 Public Hearing Last month, Hannah and I predicted this public hearing was going to be a rough one, and unfortunately it seems like we were right. While the elimination of over over 2,000 sq.m (20,000 sq.ft) of retail and living space has blunted opposition to the rental homes in Hastings Sunrise. Then... Continue Reading →

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