No Change is the Best Change – Lifelong Residents Opposed to 6 Floor Nanaimo Street “Gulags”

2336 - 2366 Charles Street Though the Grandview Woodland Community Plan was first launched in 2012, it took several years to find a compromise between the hundreds of voices that took part. Their consensus recognized the decade old commercial (C1) zoning of these four properties, and called for them to be incorporated into an expanded Nanaimo... Continue Reading →


No to a Gateway, No to Paid Parking, and No to Affordability – A Thumb is Placed on the Scales of Community Consultation

601 Beach When Darren and I attended the pre-application event for Vancouver's newest gateway tower, we noted how the opposition was divided; there were competing factions who were happy to block the others' view, if it preserved their own. That changed by this open house, as these groups seem to have coalesced around a “throw everything and... Continue Reading →

Conflicting Visions of Central Broadway – Affordable Rental Housing or a Precedent Setting Threat

2538 Birch Street (Formerly 1296 West Broadway) Adding Rental Housing to Central Broadway, home to Vancouver General Hospital and our province's second largest business centre, may not seem that controversial. The neighbourhood is well served by transit, and the Downtown core is easily reached, no matter how you travel. So, even before it was confirmed the Broadway... Continue Reading →

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