City Duo’s Guide to the AHCIRP – Helping Vancouver make an Affordable Choice

Last Update: April 18th, 2021This post will remain at the top of City Duo's Homepage until the fate of all remaining proposals has been decided. As this program has been closed and consolidated into the revamped Secured Rental Policy (Rental 100), and only a few grandfathered projects remain, updates may not be frequent. After I... Continue Reading →

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Strike Three! Urban Design Panel Throws The Book At Latest Version Of SkyTrain Focused Housing

5163-5187 Joyce StIt’s ironic that buildings around the Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain station are prohibited by the similarly named area plan from exceeding the Telus Boot’s height, as four high-rises are now planned there. While Burnaby debates which structure will become the region’s tallest, on this side of Boundary Road, opponents decry this development as the new... Continue Reading →

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