Life Saving Homes and Services Face Off Against Allegedly Biased City Council at February 20th Public Hearing

Public Hearing - February 20th, 2019 First and Only Item - 1636 Clark Drive and 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue Imagine there was a proposal to slow the deaths from Vancouver's opioid crises, to bring families in off the street at rents they could afford, and it all complied with the neighbourhood plan. How could anyone... Continue Reading →


West Kitsilano Meets it’s Density – 32 New Rental Homes Offer Affordability and Short Commutes

 3084-3086 West 4th Avenue & 2010-2032 Balaclava Street Despite the abuse we've experienced attending various events over the last year, Hannah and I continue to believe in the need for civil discussion in our city. For that reason, we strongly disagree with those who desire to segregate these conversations by background, income, or neighbourhood. Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading →

February 12th 2019 Public Hearing – Rental Housing in Kitsilano Draws Over 100 Public Comments – Is There Room for Renters in Vancouver or Does Multi-Family Mean 4 Storey Condos

February 12th, 2019 – Public Hearing To say it's rare for a rezoning application to receive over 100 comments is an understatement, for a large majority to be in favour is almost unheard of. However, that's exactly the reaction that has been generated by this meeting's first item, a 5 storey rental building in East Kitsilano.... Continue Reading →

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