March 9th, 2023 Public Hearing – A Cut Above, Portside Rental Homes Fear The Reaper

Public Hearing – March 9th, 2023 That not a single person spoke in opposition to any item at Tuesday’s public hearing didn’t come as a surprise to me or Hannah, and we expect that trend to continue for at least part of this night. So far, there hasn’t been a bad thing said about either... Continue Reading →

February 16th, 2023 Public Hearing – Streamlined Rental Housing Policy Debuts To A Divided City

Public Hearing – February 16th, 2023 This public hearing brings uncharted territory for Hannah and I, as it will be the first time city council will hear streamlined rezoning applications under the Secured Rental Policy. These projects are similar to the Cambie Corridor’s pre-designed townhome forms, like Item #1, 691 West 28th Avenue. However, in... Continue Reading →

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