December 7th, 2021 Public Hearing – Faux Shadow Claus Challenges Newspaper Row’s Revival

Public Hearing – December 7th, 2021While Hannah and I put our tree up this weekend, it’s too soon for this night’s items to go under the tree, as they first must be wrapped up by city council. Like good little children, they’ll start with their chores, in this case Item #1, which is essentially a... Continue Reading →

Canopy Conflicts Fail To Bust Vancouver Office Building’s Lofty Elegance

601 West Pender and 443 Seymour Street - DP-2021-00670In the 18 months since this office building's rezoning was submitted, we’ve all faced disruptions from significant tragedies to minor annoyances, such as losing one’s kitchen table to paperwork. That this development application’s Urban Design Panel review took place before it was published on the city's website... Continue Reading →

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