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City Duo – The Page

We started CityDuo in 2018 because we believe everyone deserves the chance to express an informed opinion, no matter how busy they may be. We know it’s challenging to simply live in Vancouver, let along keep track of and participate in Vancouver’s many public consultation events. Our goal is to help you stay up to date about upcoming meetings, what goes on at them, and offer a quick summary of our thoughts on various issues. We don’t just recap meetings about housing, as a great city requires places to work, ways to get around, and spaces to play. Hopefully, if we do a good enough job, you will feel empowered to make our elected officials know your thoughts on some or all of these issues too.

City Duo – The People

Our names are Darren and Hannah. We are a young, committed couple who have been fortunate enough to call Vancouver home for several years. We know firsthand how stressful it is to maintain a home in our region, and often worry whether we will be allowed to have a future in the city we love, and are even more concerned about our children’s future. You may not always agree with our views, which is ok as we don’t always agree with each other either. When that happens, our hope is that we can engage in a civil discussion in order to grown as individuals, and as a community.

More about Darren

Darren was born and raised in the Fraser Valley, and though he loves his hometown, he’s far happier living as an urban Vancouverite. Now in his thirties, he often jokes that his “old” body is starting to fall apart, which never fails to get on Hannah’s nerves. Darren tends to be the more talkative member of the Duo, and is more than happy to engage with a variety of people in order to better understand their views. Ironically, most of his posts cover various review bodies, like the Urban Design Panel, or Public Hearings. Expect his writing to be informative, detailed, but also light and understandable.

More about Hannah

Like many Vancouverites, Hannah grew up in the Canadian Prairies, but moved to the Lower Mainland when she grew tired of the -40 C winters. Hannah is the younger, and more wise of the Duo, though Darren may not always agree. While she is often more direct, she’s never dismissive, and believes it is important that everyone opinion is respected. As her posts usually cover open house meetings and workshops that can be quite challenging, as she’s witnessed some bad behaviour. Still, she continues to believe that it’s important to consider the impacts to our city’s present, and future residents.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!
We’ll do our best to ensure you’ll find your voice in our city’s future. 🙂

Updated : January 4th, 2019

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