July 6th, 2021 Public Hearing – Decades Old Fears Threaten West End Community Pride While East Van Rental Homes Undergo A Green Revolution

Public Hearing – July 6th, 2021 I think Hannah would laugh at anyone that would call me an optimist, but I do believe that though the arc of the moral universe is long, it bends towards justice. Lately, there are many reasons to doubt that, as last month a small addition to a public school... Continue Reading →

June 15th, 29th, & 30th, 2021 Public Hearing – 1,500 New Jobs Enrage Downtown Hermits, While Hundreds Protest An Extra Floor Of Homes In Coal Harbour

Public Hearing – June 15th, 2021Updated: June 30th, 2021 - After a second meeting on June 29th, city council has approved the first four items, and heard 41 of 78 speakers on Item #5. They will return on June 30th, 2021 at 6pm to attempt to hear the rest. That said, there is still time... Continue Reading →

Growing a Community with Care in Oakridge

950 West 41st Ave - Jewish Community Centre As Darren wanted to catch the summary of one last project at the UDP, we arrived at this open house about hour after it started. The event was held in the central area of the community centre, which was absolutely packed with people. That said,  it was hard to say who was there for... Continue Reading →

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