To Preserve 325 Carrall and Gastown’s Heritage, UDP Desires Taller Buildings, Lone Dissenter Feels Landmark is Forgotten

325 - 333 Carrall This meeting started similarly to the Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee Meeting, as Human Studio Architecture once again impressed a review panel with their new toy. Described as Google Street View on steroids, GeoSim allows for an immersive 3D model that provides bird's eye, ground level and other perspectives that are... Continue Reading →

No Complaints in Norquay, Coromandel’s Sawtooth Towers Have Room Buzzing About Future Growth

2725-2751 Kingsway As City Duo nears 100 posts, with Darren and I having spent dozens of -hours at open house events and meetings at City Hall, it's safe to say we care about the future of our region, and the people who want to call it home. Still, there are times we might go overboard,... Continue Reading →

New Central Broadway Hotel to Focus on Meeting the Needs of Visiting Patient’s Families 

Darren first caught wind of this project in February, and highlighted it in one of our first post's on CityDuo. We first saw the notification today posted here by a member who received the card in the mail yesterday. We just had to learn more about project, and reached out to the contact person. While we were not able to gather much information, we can confirm that... Continue Reading →

“West Coast Inspired” Architecture Coming to Nanaimo and Broadway

Darren found this Grandview Woodlands project while surfing the City's calendar. It has gone through its pre-application process, and has seen a reduction in FSR of 0.5, as well as an increase in the amount of parking provided. Considering these homes will be literally minutes away from the Broadway Commercial Skytrain Station, I can't help but feel this is a very unfortunate change for the... Continue Reading →

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