Vancouver Regulation Redesign Reveals Vastly Improved Website and Policy Rethink but Can’t Prevent Abuse of City Staff

Regulation Redesign - Winter 2019 Open House Much like the City of Vancouver's overlapping, confusing, and sometimes even contradictory policies, the city's website can be a complex beast in its own right. Even with all of our experience, it continues to steal precious hours of sleep from Hannah and I as we scour its pages... Continue Reading →

After 62 Years and 8,000 Amendments, Vancouver Commits to 2 Year Regulation Redesign

Note : An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the costs and timeline associated with the redesign. The process in Vancouver will be guided by a dedicated team of city staff over a 2 year period. The previous listed costs and timeline were in reference to the recent changes to the regulation of Los... Continue Reading →

False Creek South Responds to New Community Created Guidelines – Demand for Streetcar Continues to Grow

It's no secret that False Creek South was once the pinnacle of urban planning in Vancouver, and is still one of the most affordable places to live, when there are openings. This affordability is due to the majority of the land being owned by the city, which has resulted in co-ops, social housing, and long term leaseholds. However, those leases are nearing the end of their term.... Continue Reading →

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