In Person Engagement

City Led Open House: At this point, city staff are fairly confident a building meets all criteria to proceed. Input from the public can still have a major impact, and it is still possible for a building to gain or lose units, floors, and structural elements.

DPB: The Development Permit Board is one of the last steps for a project. It’s the public’s last chance to weigh in on any design related issues. However, if a project meets all zoning requirements it will most likely be approved. The board’s role is to confirm that a project should be built based on the conditions that the zoning, counciland city staff have set upon it.

Public Hearing: This is the best way to support a project. Every rezoning will see a hearing, usually set at 6 pm on a Tuesday. You can sign up in advance, or just show up and wait your turn to speak for up to 5 minutes. To show council is actually listening, they will sometimes even ask a question, which you don’t have to answer if you don’t want. I guess it is a way to be a teenager again and “fight the power.”

Pre-Application (Developer) Open House: This is generally the first time a proposed building is introduced to the public. By this point, it has been viewed by city staff, and agreed that it meets the general criteria to proceed. This is one of the biggest opportunities for public input, as feedback at this time can greatly impact any aspect of a project.

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