Public Hearing May 8th 2020 – Don’t Call It A Comeback – Vancouver Looks To The Future To Save Its Past

May 12, 2020 - Public Hearing Updated May 13th, 2020 - Due to a "glitch" in the mail-out notification process, city staff have withdrawn all items except for the heritage designation of the Stanley Ernest Peters Block. In dealing with my dad’s estate, I’ve grown to appreciate the need for balance in one’s life. When... Continue Reading →

Urban Design Panel Supports A Luxurious Tribute To A Pillar Of Kerrisdale’s Community Character

6103 - 6191 West Boulevard - DP-2019-00404 As our recent absence demonstrates, sometimes Hannah and I just aren't able to attend every civic meeting. So, in a way, it's fortunate that this project along the Arbutus Greenway has faced an open house, as well as a review by the Urban Design Panel and Vancouver Heritage... Continue Reading →

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