Temporary Modular Skyscrapers? Nanaimo Station Neighbours Set High Expectations For The Future

2303 - 2355 Vanness Avenue When it was first announced over two years ago, Vancouver's Temporary Modular Housing drew a reaction that Darren and I have come to expect. Initially there was a fear of something new, which became twisted into an unreasonable boiling madness. How else can one explain the events in Marpole that... Continue Reading →

Skilled Placement of Last Modular Housing Project Saves Chinatown & Strathcona Green Space – Funds for More Homes Run Dry as Winter Approaches

Union St at Gore Ave (898 Main St) On my way to this event by Oppenheimer Park, I made a point of stopping by to take another look at the location that will host these homes. The first thing I noticed was that more people seemed to have made this park their home, as it... Continue Reading →

New Modular Housing Location Revealed – 100 Temporary Homes Coming to Larwill Park

688 Cambie We are always appreciative that this member of the Skyscraperpage Forum, goes around around our city, and documents projects under construction. This time, we're grateful that they decided to share a notification card that alerted us to the city's newest proposed location for the temporary modular housing program. Source Other than hosting the occasional festival, this... Continue Reading →

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