Behind The Scenes Cutbacks Unlikely To Bring Relief To Fraserhood’s Middle Class Renters

3233-3245 Fraser Street - (Archived Link)Would you be angry with your partner to learn the real reason you were driving down Fraser Street was not to have dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, but rather to drop by the Polish Community Centre? I suppose your answer might depend on how much you like boxed coffee, or... Continue Reading →

July 5th, 21st, & 28th 2022 Public Hearings – An International Union Blooms As Parkside Residences Face A Local Blockade

Public Hearing – July 5th, 2022Update: As the July 5th meeting lost quorum during Item #5, it has been removed from the agenda, and will be forced to start over on July 28th. As for Item #6, it will continue as normal, and begin at 6pm on July 21st.With the news that the Broadway Commercial... Continue Reading →

Public Hearing – December 2nd, 2020 – A Pleasant Hope Shines Through East Van’s Trees, While Rental Homes Look For A Safeway Through Vancouver’s Asphalt Transformation

Public Hearing – December 2nd, 2020Update 12/03/20 – The public hearing has recessed, and will resume on December 10th at 6pm. As such, one can still send in correspondence or sign up to speak on Items 6 & 7.Considering the difficulties we’ve all experienced this year, Hannah and I are grateful Vancouver’s second last public hearing... Continue Reading →

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