May 17th & May 19th, 2022 Public Hearings – The West End’s Hidden Legacy Returns To A Greener Future

Public Hearings – May 17th, 2022, and May 19th, 2022 With over 50 people already registered to speak on the Broadway Plan, it would be easy to forget there are three public hearings scheduled this month. So to simplify things, Hannah and I have combined this week’s zoning bylaw reviews into this post, and we’ll... Continue Reading →

April 12th, 2022 Public Hearing – A Conscious Uncoupling Leads The Next Generation Of Moderate Income Rental Homes Back To Their East Van Origins

Public Hearing – April 12th, 2022With only ten public hearings scheduled before the civic election, Hannah and I expect this will likely be one of the last calm events this term. The pandemic certainly consumed much of our city council's ambitions, yet they still managed to spend plenty of time debating simple things like Item... Continue Reading →

Revised Wedding Cake Formula Gives Vancouver’s Urban Design Panel Backdoor Troubles

2268 E Broadway (DP-2021-00510)Despite having attended its previous Urban Design Panel meeting, I barely recognized this application when it returned for further examination. Obviously, I knew it was located only a couple blocks east of the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station, as that’s one of the few areas where the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan that allows up to... Continue Reading →

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