July 5th, 2022 Public Hearing – An International Union Blooms As Parkside Residences Face A Local Blockade

Public Hearing – July 5th, 2022With the news that the Broadway Commercial Safeway rezoning has been delayed until after October, and the ongoing debate around social housing in Kitsilano, some might overlook this meeting. Which would be a mistake, as it's rare to see the Vancouver Tenant’s Union band together with well-established multi-million-dollar detached homeowners... Continue Reading →

Expo Garden’s First Step Forward Earns A Warm Response Despite City Engineer’s Great Failure

750 Pacific Boulevard (DP-2021-00830) - Block A (Phase 1), Expo Gardens (Plaza Of Nations)I imagine spending seven years locked in a legal battle with your neighbour might make anyone feel colourful, especially if it involved a 10.2-acre waterfront property worth $800 million. Yet, I never expected the Urban Design Panel’s latest review of the Plaza... Continue Reading →

April 12th, 2022 Public Hearing – A Conscious Uncoupling Leads The Next Generation Of Moderate Income Rental Homes Back To Their East Van Origins

Public Hearing – April 12th, 2022With only ten public hearings scheduled before the civic election, Hannah and I expect this will likely be one of the last calm events this term. The pandemic certainly consumed much of our city council's ambitions, yet they still managed to spend plenty of time debating simple things like Item... Continue Reading →

Urban Freedom Fighters Help Inch Vancouver’s Failed Freeway Revitalization Closer To Daylight

625-777 Pacific StHopefully the Urban Design Panel’s volunteers enjoyed their winter break, because their first review of 2022 lasted for nearly three hours. The Omnicron-forced return to a virtual format was partially to blame for this, but as Hannah jokingly pointed out, some people like torturing themselves, and I willingly attend these sessions. Her words... Continue Reading →

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