A Historical Breath Of Fresh Air Promises To Light Up Gastown’s Future

343 W Pender St (DP-2021-00952) - 470 Homer StreetWhen the Hartney Chambers, and World Buildings were first constructed during Vancouver’s pre-war boom, I wonder if anyone thought they would be standing over a century later. Granted, their insides had been gutted to accommodate some rather interesting things, including a provocatively named waxing studio, an adult... Continue Reading →

March 3rd, 2022 Public Hearing – Hopes For A Balanced Parkside Community Rest On A Quiet Night

Public Hearing – March 3rd, 2022As the civic election nears, it seems city hall is going to be getting considerably busier, as the Broadway Plan, Jericho Lands, and Vancouver Plan’s fates all remain undecided. The April public hearings will likely drag on for multiple nights alone, as the proposal to provide 244 rental homes at... Continue Reading →

February 11th 2021 Public Hearing – Moderate Income Rental Homes Face Danger In Vancouver’s Quiet Place While A Landmark Rises From the Ashes

Public Hearing – February 11th, 2021Update 03/03/2021 – After several nights of hearing from public speakers on Item #3, city council will finally decide its fate on March 4th at a back up meeting set to start at 3pm. Items #1 and #2 have already been approved.It’s odd to write about a public hearing where several... Continue Reading →

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