Development Industry Insiders, Restrictive Policies, and Misinformation Kills 240 Rental Homes – Who on City Council had a Front Row Ticket?

8428 - 8438 Elliott Street and 2408 - 2528 SE Marine Drive Since Hannah and I started City Duo, we've had many unique experiences, yet we've never dealt with something like this before. Shortly after we published our MIRHPP guide, one of our fellow Vancouverites emailed us a 37 page document that provides details about a... Continue Reading →

A Mislead Community – Vancouver’s Planning Department Rejects 16 Floor Kingsway Tower Days Before Open House

1503 Kingsway Hannah and I want to preface this post with a quick note that we deeply respect the staff in the City of Vancouver's planning department. They're devoted public servants, highly educated in their field, and often endure horrific abuse. However, even the best of us screw up occasionally, and it certainly feels like... Continue Reading →

Commercial-Broadway Hub Sells for Millions Over the Assessed Value – Is This a Glimpse of TransLink’s New Grandview?

2460 Commercial Drive (The Hub) With it's key location in our region's transit system, the area at the Commercial-Broadway station is destined to become even more active as our region continues to thrive. While TransLink has been upgrading the stations to handle the increased embrace of mass-transit, the new(ish) Evergreen Expansion, and the future Broadway... Continue Reading →

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