Vancouver to Lose Another Gas Station, as Bastion Development Focuses on Transit Potential at Arbutus

Normally it is a late night that leads Darren to finding new projects on architect’s or developer’s websites. This time, however,  the credit is owed to a member of the Skyscraperpage forum for finding these two new projects. These proposals from Bastion Development are very well suited to the area, keeping the character of the Arbutus Walk Neighbourhood, and the Broadway Corridor respectively.

We’ll start with the final piece of the Carling O’Keefe Brewery Lands redevelopment. Ironically, the Carling O’Keefe was part of a merger with Molson in 1989. Now, almost thirty years later, it’s the Molson Coors Brewery at the Burrard Street Bridge which faces redevelopment. This proposal has been named Park Place, and will be located on the northwest corner of 10th and Arbutus.

The second project, Cassis, will be located across the street from a future Millenium Station that will also serve dual purpose as a stop for the Arbutus Greenway Streetcar. However, until the funding is in place for the street car, it’s likely city owned land will be used as a bus loop for the 99. Given that this will be a well served transit stop, the question shouldn’t be is 11 stories too much, but instead is 11 stories enough?


Project Stats


Cassi                                 KITSILANO
PROJECT                          Mixed-use
CONSTRUCTION            Concrete
SIZE                                  88,391 SF
HEIGHT                           11 storeys
ARCHITECT                     Francl Architecture

Cassis is one of the few potential development sites ideally located in the heart of Kitsilano surrounded by superb shopping, dining, cultural destinations, popular beaches, the new Arbutus Greenway and more.


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