Middle Class Rental Homes Need Not Fear The Reaper But Rather The Whims Of City Council

3084 W 4th Ave and 2010 Balaclava St (DP-2021-00652)If the Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Program managed to demonstrate anything in its short life, it was that our city holds new housing to very different standards based primarily on one factor. It wasn’t height or affordability that was the dividing line, but rather Ontario Street.... Continue Reading →

December 9th, 2021 Public Hearing – Forbidden Renters Find A Way Forward, But Will City Council Bounce Forty Million Dollar Homes?

Public Hearing – December 9th, 2021With the budget set, normally this public hearing would help city council ease into a winter break that lasts until the middle of January. However this year is different, as there’s plenty of unfinished business left to settle, including the fate of the Secured Rental Policy. Ironically, that protocol was... Continue Reading →

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