“A Great Reworking Of A Great Building” Falls Apart As The Urban Design Panel Checks Out

791 W Georgia St (DP-2021-01096)When I noticed the Urban Design Panel’s agenda included the renovation of the former Four Seasons Hotel, I was puzzled to say the least. What benefit could this in-depth review possibly serve for a structure that has been part of our city’s urban fabric for 45 years? I better understood city... Continue Reading →

A Green Crown Awaits Broadway’s Hallmark Attempt To Strengthen Vancouver’s Cultural Weave

901 W BroadwayAnyone who’s visited central Broadway recently knows it’s in the midst of a huge transformation, and nowhere is that more obvious than where it intersects with Laurel Street. With one corner cleared for a SkyTrain station, and another new hotel approved at a second, Hannah and I knew one of our favourite restaurants,... Continue Reading →

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