A Historical Breath Of Fresh Air Promises To Light Up Gastown’s Future

343 W Pender St (DP-2021-00952) - 470 Homer StreetWhen the Hartney Chambers, and World Buildings were first constructed during Vancouver’s pre-war boom, I wonder if anyone thought they would be standing over a century later. Granted, their insides had been gutted to accommodate some rather interesting things, including a provocatively named waxing studio, an adult... Continue Reading →

Urban Design Panel Urges Vancouver To Reconsider Decision To Leave 46 People In The Elements

128 East Cordova Street - DP-2019-00895 - Harbour Light Normally I'm the only person, other than the panellists, who sits through the entire agenda of an Urban Design Panel review. This time was different, as for 5 hours I sat next to individuals from Corrections Canada, the Salvation Army, and the rest of this applicant... Continue Reading →

To Preserve 325 Carrall and Gastown’s Heritage, UDP Desires Taller Buildings, Lone Dissenter Feels Landmark is Forgotten

325 - 333 Carrall This meeting started similarly to the Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee Meeting, as Human Studio Architecture once again impressed a review panel with their new toy. Described as Google Street View on steroids, GeoSim allows for an immersive 3D model that provides bird's eye, ground level and other perspectives that are... Continue Reading →

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