UDP Recommends Partial Closure of 15th Avenue – 100 Year Old Building Safe for Now 

610 – 644 Kingsway When Hannah and I first learned of this building we were both happy to see the 53 new rental homes and stores were coming to the neighbourhood. However, while Hannah thought it was good looking building, I was less sure about its design. After attending the open house and seeing the community embrace the building,... Continue Reading →

Rezoning of Downtown Post Office Halted – Major Changes in Design and New Tenant Revealed

349 West Georgia With the number of major developments proposed in Vancouver, it's easy to overlook how long some of them have gone without news. The Main Post Office, at 349 W Georgia, is one of those projects that have fallen silent, with no updates since its second version was approved at the UDP in... Continue Reading →

It’s Curtains for Kingsway Black Lodge, Though No One Sees Red at Open House

Broken up by Kingsway, 15th Avenue is currently experiencing a very Twin Peaks like duality, as the northeast side  has some of Vancouver's most popular places to eat and drink, while the southwest sees less activity. The developer is hoping to change that vibe by adding 51 new rental homes while retaining a retail presence on the street. When we first saw this project... Continue Reading →

YMCA Departure Leaves Broken Heart at Pearson Dogwood Parcel C – Will UDP Support Mend that Wound?

There's no question that the YMCA's decision to abandon the Pearson Dogwood Lands left a huge hole in this building. That said, there are other lesser issues that have been well handled, as the applicants have created a road network that, while not complete is still functional, and includes dedicated space for HandyDART vehicles. The tree covered podium, with soil 3 meters deep, was designed to provide a... Continue Reading →

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