Industry Terms

Complete Streets: A somewhat controversial term, this is a street that not only supports pedestrian sidewalks and roads for cars, but also provides dedicated space for transit and bike lanes. Designed right, they can allow for more movement of people without dramatically disrupting other modes of transportation.

FSR: More important than building height is the Floor Space Ratio. It is complicated, but this generally means how much space a building can take up on the land it is on. In short, a 1 storey building taking up half of the site has an FSR of .5. A two storey building that takes up half of site would be 1 FSR, and so on.
In short, the higher the FSR, the more people who can live / work / play on a piece of property.

Green Space: Some call private backyards greenspace. Our view is that green space should only be considered if it is available to anyone; families, lovers on a picnic, or a solitary moment reading a book under a tree. If you have to pay millions to access that space, it is not really fair.

ALRT: In Metro Vancouver Advanced Light Rail Transit takes the form of driver-less, grade separated, rail-based trains that operate on the Expo, Millennium, and Canada Lines. While smaller than a subway car, they make up for this disadvantage with high frequencies that would be hard for a human driver to manage.

Zoning: Every area of land is zoned to allow for specific buildings, and considers their type of use (homes, office, types of business, etc). Unfortunately, a lot of the zoning in Vancouver reflects a time when the population was smaller, apartments were thought of as undesirable, and people were content to spend more time in their car than doing activities they enjoy.

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