June 14th, 2022 Public Hearing – Off With Their Heads! Vancouver’s Most Vulnerable Get The Royal Treatment

Public Hearing – June 14th, 2022With less than eight weeks to go before city council stops meeting until after the election, Hannah and I expected this would be a busy time. However, we never would have guessed seven public hearings would be scheduled within the next month, especially since they’ll draw literally hundreds of public... Continue Reading →

May 17th & May 19th, 2022 Public Hearings – The West End’s Hidden Legacy Returns To A Greener Future

Public Hearings – May 17th, 2022, and May 19th, 2022 With over 50 people already registered to speak on the Broadway Plan, it would be easy to forget there are three public hearings scheduled this month. So to simplify things, Hannah and I have combined this week’s zoning bylaw reviews into this post, and we’ll... Continue Reading →

October 27th 2020 Public Hearing – Letters Flood City Hall as Economic Terror Threatens Mount Pleasant, While Middle Class Rental Homes Panic West Point Grey

Public Hearing – October 27th 2020While we may have spent most of our Halloween puns earlier this month, this night has far more of a connection to that holiday. Whether it’s the focus on public transit, the responses of hundreds of individuals, or the fear some have of renters, there’s a clear connection between the... Continue Reading →

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