Policy Requirements Result in UDP Rejection of 2301 Granville Street

While Darren wasn’t able to stay for this project when it came to the UDP, we had heard whispers it had been turned back and asked to resubmit. It turns out those whispers were correct, as the official minutes show it didn’t get the support of the panel. Our understanding is that many of the aspects criticized were policy suggestions/requirements (ie. the Mobi Station). As such, we imagine the applicant must feel they are stuck between a rock and hard place. For this reason, it will be interesting to see if this project is waved past the UDP, or if it will be required to return.


What do you think about the rejected design? Is there anything you want incorporated into the new one? Make sure to write in here and let them know. For those interested, check out the UDP commentary below:

Panel Consensus: Having reviewed the project it was moved by Mr. Parsons and seconded by Ms. Avini Besharat and was the decision of the Urban Design Panel:

THAT the Panel Recommend Resubmission of the project with the following recommendations to be reviewed by City Staff:

  •  Improve building massing and articulation along the lane
  • Improve the architectural expression and materiality to better fit Granville Street’s character and fit as a gateway to downtown
  • Reconsider the design and location of public plaza with respect to commercial/retail continuity on Granville St.
  • Reconsider locating the balconies on the corner of Granville and 7th Ave
  • Recommend removal of public bike share
  • Recommend removal of the hedges in the plaza
  • Provide lighting and signage strategy to the proposed development


Related Commentary: The panel supported the height, bulk and general massing of the project. There were no issues with the livability of the proposed units. However, there were concerns about the architectural expression and character as well as the open space and public realm. The panel does not feel the proposed corner fits the in the location at 7th and Granville, recommended continuing the retail along 7th avenue, and removing the public bike share on W 7th. The panel also recommended further articulating the lobby along 7th Ave. The regularity framework has created a dynamic massing but there is a lost opportunity because there are three very distinct volumes being expressed. Better materiality could be used to express the volumes. Consider continued rain covering at the court yard. Further design development and articulation is needed at the lane. The benches are supported. Consider rooftop access for amenity. Overall, the material and architectural expression was felt to be alien to Granville street character.


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