Is 15 Floors Enough? Not in Vancouver’s Hot Economy – Tear it Down and Double it!

1166 West Pender
Major changes to the urban realm can be hard for anyone to adjust to. For instance, many in Vancouver were shocked to learn of the proposal to replace the Empire Landmark Hotel, built in 1973, with two new condo towers that will be slightly shorter, but will provide more homes and some social housing. While some felt that providing 300 new homes at the location was a better use of land, there were still many vocal critics who were upset over the loss of that iconic building.

That said, We would be surprised if any felt sorry to see the former home of Canadian Revenue Agency meet a similar fate.
1166 West Pender - flyer.JPGSource – Sent in by a neighbouring office worker

Though the CRA has occupied this office building since it’s construction in 1974, they recently moved their Vancouver offices to a new location in the False Creek Flats. This left the entire building empty and ripe for redevelopment. That aspect was highlighted when this property was sold to Reliance Properties for $71 million in 2016.

Since then the neighbourhood has continued to gown. Already home to 1189 Melville, Vancouver’s tallest all-residential building, a recently approved rezoning application will see the parking garage at 1133 Melville transformed into Vancouver’s tallest office building. As this new proposal is located across the laneway from these towers, we imagine the reception of the proposal will be similar. General approval, with some opposition from nearby condo owners concerned about their views.

If you feel it’s more important to grow our Central Business District, we suggest you come out to this open house. We’ll definitely be there as we’re excited see the design, and the food provided by events held at the Marriot Pinnacle Hotel is usually just too good to pass up.

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