2021’s Relentless Journey Ends As City Duo Rests Up For A Sillier Season Starting January 10th

Of all the ways Darren and I expected to close out this year, I can safely say this was not one of them. Like most, I would not describe it as good one per say, though we were relieved to be double vaccinated, and in good spirits after visiting the Christmas Market two weeks ago. More than anything, I was hopeful the coming months would give me a chance to return to writing posts, rather than just editing them.

Let me tell you, if you think working from home is challenging for a relationship, critiquing one another’s choice of words for nearly four years is like lugging around a coffin together. Yes, we may get frustrated with each other, yet together we can get through almost any opposing force, and besides it is far less fun to do things alone. Which is probably why its been so hard lately to sit down to write anything.

My interest always laid in recapping the experiences we had at in-person open house events, like when someone opposed to the height of a seniors care centre claimed Darren was too ugly to have children. As his wife, I can admit when a recent update to that proposal added a couple floors of moderate income rental homes (pg 12), I enjoyed a good laugh. That is something I learned from my partner, who always manages to find humour in the hardest times.

However, I can see he is getting tired of attending weekly in-person Urban Design Panel reviews and unfortunately my schedule means I cannot go in his place. There have been a few times this year when we debated ending City Duo, but we believe there are better, more interesting days ahead. At the least, we need to see how city council will react to the years of public consultation that have informed the Jericho Lands, Broadway Plan, and Vancouver Plan.

With an election coming in the fall, things are going to get a little foolish, so our elected officials will likely base their decision on political as well as practical matters. That said, their record at public hearings might provide a glimpse into how they will vote, which is why we documented here. That was no easy feat, and is why we feel we deserve a chance to cuddle up with a blanket and hot chocolate for a couple weeks.

Like this year, that will probably pass in the blink of an eye, as we plan to return on January 10th 2022, which feels odd to write. Until then dear reader, may your spirits and holiday lights burn brightly into the new year, and beyond with our best wishes.

Hannah and Darren

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