July 5th, 2022 Public Hearing – An International Union Blooms As Parkside Residences Face A Local Blockade

Public Hearing – July 5th, 2022With the news that the Broadway Commercial Safeway rezoning has been delayed until after October, and the ongoing debate around social housing in Kitsilano, some might overlook this meeting. Which would be a mistake, as it's rare to see the Vancouver Tenant’s Union band together with well-established multi-million-dollar detached homeowners... Continue Reading →

June 28th-30th & July 14th, 2022 Public Hearing – Kitsilano Groundhogs Force Supportive Social Homes To A New Low

Public Hearing – June 28th, 2022Update July 5th, 2022 : After spending 15 hours over three days, city council has approved Items 1 & 2, and has heard from 116 speakers on Item 3. While this meeting will resume on July 14th, at 3pm, with at least 130 speaker remaining (estimated at 15 hours), it's... Continue Reading →

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