October 1st, 2019 Public Hearing – Will A Pie Sized Hole Trigger Another Federal Debate? Vancouverites Rejoyce Over The Potential Of New Co-Op Homes

October 1st, 2019 Public Hearing
The last time a proposal for new rental homes on Fraser Street went before City Council, it resembled less of a Public Hearing, and more of a Federal Election debate. At that meeting, Don Davies and Tamara Taggart presented a vastly different view of the riding’s future. That said, while the challengers may once again turn out to support these rental homes, it’s unlikely the incumbent will oppose them as they won’t block the view from his deck up the hill (9:57:50 – 9:59:00).

The only other item of note is a proposal only a block from the Joyce Collingwood SkyTrain Station. It’s hard to imagine that anyone will oppose these non-market co-op homes, as they are a form of housing that seems to have widespread support in Vancouver. The rest of the agenda should go by quickly, as it consists of a small expansion to the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, and a few townhomes along the Cambie Corridor.

As you can see, Hannah and I expect this to be a short meeting, especially when compared to the ones planned for later this month. After hearing from the public on October 22th and 24th, our elected officials will either approve or reject the rezoning application for the new St. Paul’s Hospital, as well as a handful of other projects.

Backlash Expectations

Item #3 – 3279 – 3297 Vanness Avenue – Very Low
Co-op housing under a relatively new area plan is a recipe for success

Item #4 – 3429 – 2469 Fraser Street – Low
A mid-rise at the bottom of a hill likely won’t cause much disruption


The Third Item – 3279 – 3297 Vanness Avenue

What is it?:
A modular wood frame design allows this six floor mid-rise to provide 102 non-market rate co-op homes, and reach a Passive House sustainability level.

Where is it?:
Here, on city-owned land, a block away from the Expo Line‘s Joyce-Collingwood Station.

What was the open house like?:
The laughter of children whose parents hoped this would allow them to remain in the community drowned out the small amount of negativity at this event.

What are its strengths?:
Co-op homes are always in high demand, even more so when they’re targeted at below market rates. Finishing this block of McHardy Street with a nice plaza space will benefit the community, and these residents will have their own courtyard space too. It also complies with the Joyce Collingwood Station Precinct Plan.

What are its weaknesses?:
Even with its close proximity to SkyTrain, some believe this proposal should offer more than 27 stalls of vehicle parking. Despite the concern from others that more housing isn’t allowed here for that same reason, city staff are recommending the density be decreased (pg 5).

What is the opposition like?:
Oddly, a couple people are worried that allowing for more families here will result in overcapacity schools, once the undercapacity ones are closed (pg 39). The typical concerns about the impacts on neighbouring properties were also expressed by a small group.

Speak Up?:
Email your thoughts to City Council at publichearing@vancouver.ca. or register to speak in person here.

3429-3469 Fraser Street March 2019 Design-Source

The Fourth Item – 3429 – 3469 Fraser http://thenewstpauls.ca/Street

What is it?:
This is just another modern day Vancouver Special, a six floor building offering 104 rental homes along an arterial road.

Where is it?:
Here – Across the street from Glad Tidings Church, just south of the amazing restaurant scene at Kingsway and Fraser.

Is this the first concept?:
No – There has been some aesthetic changes from the first concept submitted in December 2018. The original colour scheme consisted of a white four floor base topped with 2 floors clad in black. The look and placement of the canopy and balconies have also been altered.

What was the open house like?:
Most in attendance at this event seemed to support these homes. However, others felt only four floors should be permitted, and some were worried the new businesses wouldn’t be as good as the old ones.

What are its strengths?:
The Urban Design Panel was so impressed, they unanimously supported it without any recommendations. The landscaping of the amenity space and laneway create a really successful transition to the neighbourhood.

What are its weaknesses?:
Nearby residents will have to travel slightly further to satisfy their Pie Hole cravings, and those who enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Jethro’s Fine Grub are out of luck, as the owners have retired.

What is the opposition like?:
As this is on Fraser Street, once again, the opposition comes from a group founded by local MP Don Davies. Their belief is that these blocks shouldn’t see any change until 2022, when it is hoped a high level City-Wide Plan will be approved by City Council.

Speak Up?:
Email your thoughts to City Council at publichearing@vancouver.ca. or register to speak in person here.

Update 2:13pm September 30th, 2019 – Added Images

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