Four Of A Kind – Crofton Manor’s Six Acre Refinement Could Deal Vancouver A Winning Hand

2803 West 41st Ave (Crofton Manor)

While fall is generally considered a season of harvest and decline, it seems in Vancouver it’s actually brought a time of rebirth. From a long-stalled townhome project in the Cambie Corridor, to a grandfathered building under the old HA-1A guidelines, many areas of our city are springing back to life. Due to their locations and stages of development, we weren’t surprised to see those items return, but this one in Kerrisdale caught us completely off guard.

It’s been roughly a year since a summary of the open house for the proposed redevelopment of Crofton Manor was released, and since then there weren’t even whispers of the proposal. Perhaps that brought relief to those who felt this process was a nightmare come true, or who wanted a chainlink fence installed to keep their properties segregated from any new affordable homes. These voices may have been the loudest, but they certainly didn’t represent that majority.

Crofton Manor Google Earth.jpg

When all of the feedback was tabulated, roughly two thirds of all responses supported allowing more height and density here (pg 8). So it makes sense this proposal was actually making its way through the enquiry process. That’s been the story of this retirement care residence since these six acres were first rezoned in 1972. Eventually a three storey expansion was added in 1989, which was then followed up with another application in 2011 which would allowed for 6, 3 and 2 storey development.

After all, despite a recent decline in population, Kerrisdale continues to provide lots of amenities. While some may think only of the new Rapid Bus 4 and its quick connection to UBC, or the vibrant Arbutus Greenway there’s always been plenty to do here. In fact, its community heart has some of the more interesting small businesses in the city, and the nearby 1970s era rental buildings reveal that, at one time, housing for people of all backgrounds was celebrated here.

Crofton Manor Card.jpg

So, it’s no wonder that last year the city required that any new market development here should not only expand the existing seniors housing, but also add a portion of non-market housing. Which is why last years open house presented a choice of four layouts (pg 12 – 14) that met those targets, including park space and a little bit of retail too. Now, based on that aforementioned feedback, this event promises a much more refined vision.

Whether that means the previous four designs will return or if there will be a whole new set is something we can’t predict. Though, given the history of this large site, the nearby rental towers, and the surrounding multi-million dollar single family homes, we expect to see a variety of different options. Which is why it’s important for you to choose your favourite by coming out to St Mary’s Kerrisdale Church between 5 – 8pm on October 15th, 2019.

Applicant Team Information:

Developer Partnership Wall Financial Corporation and Revera Inc.
ArchitectsPerkins and Will Architects and Number TEN Architectural Group

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